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Adrianne Meldrum

Made for Math
Mesa, AZ
Who is Adrianne Meldrum?
Entrepreneur, multisensory math teacher, and leadership coach who has spent 15 years working to understand students who learn differently. She's seen firsthand that multisensory math is applicable for ALL students but essential for students with dyslexia, ADHD, and autism.

Career History: Adrianne's entrepreneurial journey started by chance as a recommendation from her sister to tutor when she first became a mother. As she worked with students, she could see those normal teaching methods did NOT reach all students. This never sat well with her. Adrianne went to work researching and finding mentors like Marilyn Zecher, Rachel McAnallen, Debbie Reber, Kara Scanlon, and Seth Perler (to name a few). She discovered that multisensory math was indeed what these students needed but access was limited. Again, she saw a problem and went to work on solving how to make online learning multisensory so that students can have access no matter where they lived. By 2017, she had fine-tuned the student experience and online learning has proven to be effective for these differently wired students.

Made for Math™ has a way to "cut the clutter" of the online learning experience to help students with their focus while also touching actual materials that are mailed to their home. This combined with the right language creates a situation where students are working in a way that math has become accessible. We strive to use students' inherent strengths.

Made for Math™ is quickly becoming the go-to company for helping students with complex learning differences.

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Thursday, July 22


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